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horoscope for Aquarius

There was a rush of planetary shifts in the final 10 days of July and while this is having an impact across several areas of your life, the biggest impact is on the personal front. Of the six planetary shifts in the final days of July, it was Jupiter's return to Aquarius that will have the biggest impact. Jupiter returned in December for what should have been the start of a 12 month visit, with a chance to open new doors and lay down the foundations for a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Instead, Jupiter was practically burning rubber when he raced through the full length of Aquarius in less than five months, with a retrograde turn bringing him back for a do over, this time more slowly. Jupiter is back now until December and in retrograde motion is going back over old ground, with a chance to go back over and revisit the things you may have begun or started to explore before he left in May. Yet having spent two and a half months in your income sector, Jupiter has already planted seeds that he will return to in December. Having spent time in the future you have a chance to pull back and replay the year so far, this time knowing now what you didn't then. This is something that will also help to create a better balance between work and play, with Jupiter acting as a support for the dwarf planet Ceres in her first full month in a playful part of your chart and for Venus, when she returns to an adventurous part of your chart on 16th August. The last planet to leave your busy work sector, wrapping up a busy chapter that began in April only left the day before Jupiter returned to Aquarius, with one of his first missions being to restore a balance between work and play. Meanwhile, other shifts have seen Venus and Mars return to your financial sector, returning to put the focus on money matters for the year just as Jupiter was taking a break from your income sector. With more than enough income momentum banked, this is a chance to bring your focus back onto the other side of the financial fence.

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