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horoscope for Libra

This is a month that will grow on you or when the full extent of the exciting developments underway won't be fully appreciated until the second half. To start with you might feel exhausted, especially as some busy months on the job and career fronts only just ran their course in the final days of July. It wasn't until 28th July that Mercury wrapped up a period of continuous planetary activity on the career front that began with Mars' return in April while it was just a day later that Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion left your work sector. As you move into the new month you are only just catching your breath, while the momentum created over recent months will continue to play out. To begin with you might fail to notice two other significant shifts that happened at almost the same time. When Jupiter left your busy work sector late last month he retrograded back into a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart while in the very final hours of July the dwarf planet Ceres returned to an adventurous part of your chart, for the first time in four years. At the very moment that months of busy planetary activity on the professional front ends, playful and adventurous forces seize the chance to have their turn. Finally, there is a chance to find a better balance between work and play. While this is in effect from the start of the month, this will really become noticeable when Venus, your ruling planet makes an early return to Libra on 16th July. During her short 24 day visit, Venus will not only form a friendly aspect to planets on the playful and adventurous fronts but the planets following in her footsteps will do the same over the coming months. There is enough professional momentum banked and Neptune will keep the wheels turning on the job front but a balance between work and play is no longer a choice but is happening naturally.

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